Cheering woman backpacker enjoy the view on sunrise mountain top cliff edge

Travel can do a lot to make us happy and experience new things; however, have you considered how it can also make you thankful? 

  1. Travel is a chance to pause, live in the moment, and enjoy quality time spent with family and friends while making lifelong memories. Not only does it reinforce the bonds we have with the people we love the most, but the epic moments you experience together will forever live on in your memory for you to enjoy again whenever you like.
  2. Travel is a great teacher, exposing you to new cultures, food, people, and ways of thinking. Even if you’retraveling to a place where the culture is similar to your own, you can still learn a wealth of information about the sub-region you’re visiting.  
  3. Travel gives you something to look forward to. As we all know, the wear and tear of life can be overwhelming sometimes. But when you have something exciting coming up ahead, the anticipation can help you stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize of that pending vacation!  
  4. Travel allows you to appreciate the ease and freedom of having no set schedule. Even some of the more challenging aspects of vacations like airport lines, flat tires, or limited cell services can teach us patience and resilience. Plus, they make for funny stories later on! 
  5. Travel makes you thankful for your home. Few things compare to being back in your home with your own creature comforts after being on the road for a while… that is, at least until you’re ready for your next adventure!

Bonus:  Another way travel makes us thankful is to vacation for good. Whether it’s helping send a breast cancer survivor on a much-needed vacation, or simply being mindful of how you travel in an eco-friendly way that helps take care of our planet, knowing you’re helping contribute to something larger than yourself simply feels good…especially if you can do so simply by taking a vacation! For more information on how to vacation for good, click here.