USS Midway in San Diego

Known for its breathtaking ocean views, topnotch amenities, and wide stretches of beautiful beaches, Coronado Beach Resort is the perfect San Diego vacation spot. 

If all this isn’t enough to get you in a vacation state of mind, the USS Midway Museum and trove of U.S. naval history sits right across the San Diego Bay. 

Getting There: 

Just steps away from the resort is Orange Avenue, where you can catch the 904 shuttle. The best part? It’s free to ride! Hop over to the Coronado Ferry Landing and purchase tickets for the ferry, which departs every hour on the half hour. Then enjoy a scenic ride on the oldest wooden ferry that’s still operational in the U.S. across the gorgeous San Diego Bay. Take in the city skyline as you approach the Broadway Pier with the mighty USS Midway in the distance!

The History: 

 The USS Midway has solidified its place among the greatest aircraft carriers in U.S. naval history. From 1945 to 1992, the Midway protected the world’s oceans in a variety of ways, including being the first moving vessel to launch a large missile in 1947, playing a key role in Vietnam by acting as a haven for 3,000 refugees in the fall of Saigon, and providing vital support in Desert Storm. 

The Museum:

Not your ordinary museum, the Midway features interactive exhibits fully immerse you in the experience of what it was like to be onboard the ship in its heyday. 

Below deck, you truly get a sense of what life was like for sailors onboard, from seeing the quarters they slept in, to the mess hall they ate in, to the chapel they prayed in.  

As you head topside, you’ll find vintage air crafts from World War II on the hanger deck. The experience crescendos on the flight deck where you can interact with historic helicopters, jet fighters, and bomber planes—all of which were at the forefront of the naval aviation renaissance. 


Rooftop with jacuzzi at Coronado Beach Resort

After your fun, culture-filled day, kick back at Coronado Beach Resort. Watch the sunset from the hot tub on the rooftop or just enjoy the sound of the waves from your spacious private condo.